Supporting the rights and basic existence of the Narikurava Indian tribe

The Narikurava are an indigenous tribe of people, living in Tamil Nadu in India. The tribe holds an extremely underprivileged status within current Indian society.

They neither have access to necessary resources for survival, such as drinking water or sanitation facilities, nor to formal education.
Originally a nomadic folk who survived through hunting, they are now forced to live on the cusp of society, deprived of basic necessities.

The colonialisation of India deprived the Narikurava of their original nomadic existence as hunters. Furthermore they are discriminated within the structure of the Indian social system.

In Autumn 2010, along with the Narikurava and further colleagues, a help organisation will be formed to benefit the Narikurava, who are camped around the small town of Mahabalipuram.

An on-site meeting is planned, where the precise goals of the association will be discussed and settled.

These are the points on the agenda so far:
Access to drinking water
Access to sanitation facilities
Organisation of schooling programs
Access to medical help
Gaining the right to vote
Organisation of an adult learning centre (night school for reading/writing/business)

The first meeting in autumn 2010 will be the beginning of a long term help project. As this intends to be a pro-active project, the Narikurava themselves will take care of the realisation of the statutory aims. A series of workshops will offer initial aid.

Currently there is planned collaboration with various other aid organisations, such as Engineers without Borders (D), Narikuravar Education And Welfare Society (IN), Wada Na To Do (IN), Noon (CH) and ASA (D).

The initiative to found this association grew out of a long friendship between some of the European members with the clan of the Narikurava.
The association is independent, political and religiuosly neutral and not-for-profit. All members work voluntarily without individual financial gain.